Hemp crop fact sheet

As part of the Interreg NWE Hemp4Circularity project, which aims to implement long-fibre hemp in the European textile value chain, Valbiom and its partners have developed a hemp cultivation data sheet.

What are the different uses of hemp? What are the main stages in its cultivation? Find out more about this fascinating crop.

Download the hemp crop fact sheet

About Hemp4Circularity

Hemp4Circularity is an Interreg NWE projet that focuses on promoting the use of "long-fibre" textile hemp in the European textile value chain. With objectives ranging from establishing a new industry to reinforcing circular economy principles and supporting manufacturers in north-western Europe, this project takes a comprehensive and innovative approach.

Its transnational collaboration involves companies and interest groups from four North-West European countries (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany), fostering knowledge exchange and contributing to a shared vision for the future of sustainable textile production in the area.

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