Hemp4Circularity joins the ECOSYSTEX community!

Hemp4Circularity has joined ECOSYSTEX, the European Community of Practice for a Sustainable Textile Ecosystem. Formally established in early 2023, ECOSYSTEX now brings together 28 EU-funded member projects aimed at driving forward the sustainability of textiles in the region.

ECOSYSTEX, fostering collaboration in Sustainable Textiles

ECOSYSTEX was established with the primary objective of facilitating collaboration in the textile sustainability and circularity sector. The project is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA), the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and the Circular-Biobased Europe Joint Undertaking and is facilitated by Textile ETP.

This network of textile circularity projects aims to create a long-term community of practice, ensuring collaboration across project consortia and lasting beyond the individual projects’ durations.

Hemp4Circularity, driving long fibre hemp on the north-west Europe textile value chain

Hemp4Circularity is an Interreg NWE project that aims to implement an innovative, local and biobased ecological fibre - the long fibre hemp - in the textile value chain of North-West Europe, from growers to weavers/knitters, from field to fashion.

The project sets up pilot actions at several stages of the value chain (cultivating, primary processing, data-driven farming, spinning, fabric production).

These initiatives seek to optimize all stages of the production, in order to be durably implemented, from fibre to recycling solutions.

With this project, hemp emerges as a catalyst for circularity within the textile industry, traversing from field to recycled fibre.

The project aims to bring opportunities to:

  • Farmers, by introducing a profitable crop with a positive impact;
  • The flax sector, by introducing a complementary fibre to enhance the sector's possibilities;
  • The textile industry and brands, addressing the demand for local and sustainable materials;
  • End-users, seeking local, sustainable textiles, and access to information about natural fibres.

Interested by the project?
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Hemp4Circularity (H4C), driving forward the textile hemp industry in North-West Europe